Not Converting? 6 Keys To A Better Landing Page

Posted on 19.08.16 by Dave Gregor in Landing Pages clock 3 min read

It’s natural to want higher conversion rates and more money, and landing pages are a key tactic for achieving that.

The landing page is the first major impression that you are making on your user. So the design, structure, and content are crucial to ensuring that the user will stay with you until the end.

Lets take a look at some of the major points of your landing page and what could turn a bad page into a great one.

There are many design elements that affect the overall appearance of your page. Every detail, from font, to colours, to how content and forms are placed and sized. A user often decides whether or not to stay on your page within their initial glance (before any content is even read). Since you’ve read this far, I guess we survived the initial impression!

1. Keep A Simple Layout

Simple is the key

Your browser’s back button is easy to find and easy to click, so don’t make your visitor want to click it.

The design of your page has a big influence on whether or not a user views you as a trustworthy, professional, or unique business. Make sure to show your business’ personality through your design.

The human attention span is bad. Actually it’s really bad. In fact, the average attention span of a human is now worse than that of a goldfish. A GOLDFISH! This means you need to be able to capture your reader right away.

2.Consider The Flash Test

What is “The Flash Test”?

Picture if you were to flash test two landing pages back to back, but you only reveal each of them for two seconds. Unless you’re a superhuman, the only element you can use to determine which you liked better is the design of the page.

Colours, structure, pictures/graphics are the only features which you can get a grip of in that initial impression. So make sure that those elements are out of this world.

Here are two landing page designs. Which one do YOU like better? You don’t know what they are selling or what they want from you, but you definitely have a preference.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.58.45 PM

For example: Look at shapes and layout in these two pages. Simple rectangles that are arranged in a grid-like format (neatly stacked and aligned) vs. squares and circles and rectangles that are all over with no visual appeal.
See below:

Layout Elements


3. White Space Is Your Friend

The white space on your page doesn’t have to be white. It actually just implies that the space is empty. Empty space is a humble friend that wants the attention to be on others. You don’t need to have a graphic, or text, or call to action taking up every inch of your page.

Use your space effectively and don’t be afraid to have less.

4. Less Is More

Ever heard that before? Did you ever think about how little sense it makes from a literal standpoint? Here’s what it means for you and your landing page. When it comes to actual text and content on your landing page, know that leaving some information out is okay. In fact, if you’re intentional about what information you share up front and what is left out (to drive curiosity), then this will have a great impact on your conversion rates.

Be intentional about what you say about your offer, and what you leave out. Leave the visitor desiring more information.

5. Strong Call to Action

Your CTAs or calls to action are the buttons that you really want your visitor to click. One of my personal favourites is from Huemor who took advantage of the curiosity and inner-rebel that we all have by making the text on their call to action literally say “do not press”. This gives you that temptation to break the rules and see what happens when the button is pressed.

Whether you’re creating temptation, giving eye-popping colour, or changing the exact words on the CTA, you need people to be clicking through to the next page. That is your goal. Spend some time, think it through, and be intentional. Then watch as your conversion rates launch into new heights.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.52.18 PM



Didn’t you already mention that? Yes. Yes I did, but I can’t stress it enough. Clutter can trigger anxiety which makes your visitors want to get out as quickly as possible.

Some ways to ensure simplicity might include eliminating or changing your header, simplifying fonts, or making easier navigation.

Embrace Simple

Practical Summary

Your highly-effective landing page is just a few steps away. Just remember to take your time and be thoughtful about your design, don’t cram too much information or graphic content in, and for the love of all things good: show off your brand! You’re unique, you’ve got flair, and you’re ready to start seeing more conversions. Just make it happen!

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