Get The Most Out Of Your Small Budget Campaigns

Posted on 29.06.16 by Melissa Linseman in Pay-Per-Click clock 1 min read

Having a small budget for your AdWords account can restrict the capabilities of an accounts performance. While Max CPC has gradually been increasing over the last few years, advertisers have been dealing with the challenge of utilizing the small budgets they receive from their clients, in a profitable way.

So what can you do? First thing that comes to mind is to improve the quality score of all keywords in order to reduce the Cost Per Click. For instance, what if the quality score is already high, lets say around 8-10, and you find yourself not appearing on the first page or if so at a very low position. One approach would be to create a reasonable proposal for your client requesting a larger budget. This of course is dependent on the client’s financial ability, which they possibly could be exhausting. This brings us to our final approach, called Ad Scheduling. Ad Scheduling allows us to focus on specific hours of the day or days out of the week. This strategy requires some research about which days or hours of the day receive the most impressions. Once you have identified the top performing hours or days, simply set your Ad Schedule to present your ads for that specific time period, and bid aggressively.

All in all, financially limited accounts are difficult to handle, however through these points it is evident there are some alternative methods. I recommend not abandoning such an account immediately, but to try out some of the given methods above.

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