How Pay-Per-Click Can Help Your Business

Posted on 29.06.16 by Melissa Linseman in Pay-Per-Click clock 2 min read

If you are running a business, you are already aware that the conventional way of reaching people through print advertisement is declining as we continue to shift towards digital and online advertising. With digital marketing it is now possible to reach a much larger and targeted audience. Also, businesses can now collect data metrics that helps evaluate a campaign’s performance.

Today, it is imperative for every business to be present online in order to compete and secure a descent share of the advertising market. There are several approaches on how to expand your business online, ranging from Social Media, Organic Search (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement.

Social Media and Organic Search advertising take long to implement and it requires a lot of patience to see real results. In contrast, Pay-per-Click can drive a faster ROI for given Cost-Per Click and through professional application.

Pay Per Click gives you the options to display ads on the Google’s search results pages or to place them on the Google display network. Other popular interfaces that offer PPC advertising are Bing and Facebook.

Facebook is known as a cheaper variant for display advertisements also known as branding since the cost per clicks are a lot lower than for AdWords and Bing. However it is important to take into consideration that a lower cost per click does not necessarily equal to better performance. Facebook does after all give you the option to target your audience on a more personal degree through collected intimate data such as favorite movies, books, TV shows, likes, etc. For more information on Facebook versus AdWords visit the link below.

Overall digital marketing lets you brand your business to a targeted audience or lets your business be found for potential customers searching for a given service or product. With over 55% of Canadians owning a smartphone it is obvious for business owners to target these platforms.

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