Digital Marketing Roundup: July 2018

What’s Made Waves in Web Marketing This Month

As we move into the slow and lazy dog days of summer, the world of web marketing continues to move forward at a profoundly rapid pace, with little regard for our resistance to its changes and challenges. Whether or not we’re pleased with or prepared for them, they’re coming – and consistently.

We know ours is an industry that never sits still, and even one month can make a significant difference in how business owners and marketers perceive and plan their digital strategy: what was the norm in June may be an outdated and redundant tactic by the time we get to August.

(Happy August, by the way).

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the bigger ticket items that hit digital headlines this July, which we here at Reach thought were worth sharing.

Desktop, Mobile, or Voice? (D) All of the Above – Whiteboard Friday (Moz)

The Moz blog is a favourite of mine, particularly the Whiteboard Friday videos/transcripts, as their posts are always in-depth, insightful and chock full of very valuable information for marketers and business owners alike.

This particular Whiteboard Friday from Dr. Peter J. Meyers addressed a question that’s been popping up a lot in the search industry: between desktop, mobile and voice search, which area is the most important for businesses to focus on?

Spoiler alert (come on, it’s in the title): the key takeaway advises optimizing for the customer journey as a whole, which, in essence, means “all three.” Definitely recommended reading if you’re concerned about your optimization efforts across devices and search channels.

30 Crazy Social Media Facts That Might Change How You Think About Marketing (Search Engine Journal)

Social media marketing is one of those tricky areas that seems, on the surface, like a simple enough landscape to navigate, but there’s a lot more to it than crafting a few funny, creative posts for those extra likes and follows.

If you’re thinking of starting or revamping your social strategy, I recommend taking a look at this article from Search Engine Journal, from VIP contributor Jon Clark. It outlines 30 facts (complete with links for further reading!) that you might find equal parts eye-opening, valuable and just plain interesting.

Like SEO, PPC and everything else that falls under the digital umbrella, social needs a clear, concise, well-thought out strategy that reaches and speaks to a relevant target audience – and that’s what a lot of businesses overlook and where they go wrong.

The Small Business Owners Guide to Conquering SEO: The Glossary (Search Engine Land)

I love glossaries. They’re a fantastic at-a-glance resource for offering a simple summary of topics you may find a bit complex, and are an excellent way to lay the foundation for further education.

Just this past month, Search Engine Land contributor Doc Sheldon put together a pretty solid glossary of SEO terms for small business owners looking to dip their toe in this gigantic, ever-expanding pond.

Sound like you? Then we definitely recommend giving it a read for a quick crash course on the ins and outs of SEO.

31 Advertising Statistics to Know in 2018 (WordStream)

Another list post, this time from Brad Smith of Codeless Interactive, LLC, written for WordStream. This article gives a snapshot overview of crucial advertising statistics that are specific to the digital industry.

This type of content is particularly valuable because it can act as a starter guide for newbies and a refresher for seasoned veterans: no matter how long you’ve dabbled in digital, there’s bound to be some valuable insights on a list like this that you may have missed or overlooked, arming you with new information for your next search, social or paid campaign.

Five Years of Google Ranking Signals (SEO by the Sea)

Last but not least: you want to talk in-depth? This might be he holy grail of detailed, historical information about everybody’s favourite search engine.

Bill Slawski, president and founder of SEO by the Sea (which is probably my favourite name for a blog dedicated to search), recently published this behemoth of an article that covers the different signals Google has used to rank websites in search results over the past five years.

Broken down into general organic, semantic, local, voice, news and additional ranking signals, this piece of content should cover everything you need to know in terms of a history lesson focused on just how Google decides who gets to grace its front page.

If you’ve ever found yourself the least bit curious about Google’s ranking criteria, we recommend giving this one a read.

Until Next Month!

That does it for the July 2018 digital marketing roundup. We try to keep these lists as full of variety as possible, so hopefully you’re able to gather some fresh insights from multiple ends of the spectrum.

Got any hot digital tips of your own you’d like to share? Give us a shout and let us know!

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