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We partner with Shopify & BigCommerce to build basic and custom e-commerce stores. We help merchants optimize their e-commerce store to drive traffic and increase sales volume.

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Business Focus On E-Commerce

To say e-commerce is the future of shopping is to admit you’re still living in the past.

Adoption rates may have started out slow, but on the whole, businesses both big and small have been making online sales a mainstream aspect of their operations since long before mobile became the dominant device and everything we did was broadcast across social media.

Some companies even built their entire business on this model.



We Build Branded, Optimized E-Commerce Stores for Businesses of Every Size

With content management platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce offering simple, customizable options for e-commerce, you’d be hard-pressed to find any organization in the business of sales - whether it’s small-time local or big-time international - without a digital retail presence.

The problem is, a lot of them miss the mark when it comes to a properly optimized online store that offers a smooth, satisfying customer experience, minimizes abandonments and maximizes sales.

At Reach Digital, our approach to E-Commerce involves a multi-step process that factors in sitewide optimization, user-friendly design and the mobile market to create a simple, straightforward shopping experience that prioritizes sales.

Our eCommerce Services

Whether you’re just launching your online store or are looking to revamp your existing one, here are some of the benefits of building an E-Commerce website with our best practices:

A Focus on E-Commerce SEO

We’ll audit your entire site, right down to each individual product image, and make sure it’s fully optimized for search so you get found for the keywords related to your products – especially those with buying intent.

Testing for Maximized Conversions

We’ll run split tests to determine the on-page elements that maximize conversion rates, from button colours to product copy.

Full Mobile Functionality

Like E-Commerce, mobile-first thinking is no longer the future, it’s now. Reach ensures your store is 100% functional for the increasing numbers of users who browse & buy entirely by phone.

Sitewide Review Management

No good E-Commerce store is without an emphasis on user reviews. We’ll create processes that help you get them, with protocols that help us address both negative & positive feedback.

Local Marketing & Optimization

From stores with a single location to nationwide chains, if you’re looking for local traffic, we’ll emphasize local optimization to drive visits & sales from all of your key geographical markets.

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