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How Does It Work?

  1. Let us know what your primary goals are and what makes your business unique
  2. Select your page template from one of 3 options
  3. Provide your image assets, any specific details, and colour scheme
  4. We create a lead-generation campaign based on your industry, keywords, audience, and include relevant ad copy
  5. Ad Campaigns start delivering real leads to you quickly and cost effectively!


  • Google or Facebook Lead Campaigns

    Create a brand new Google or Facebook advertising campaign to reach new customers!

  • Customized Leads Web Page

    Choose from one of our website templates; customized with your logo, colours, and information!

  • Start With Any Budget

    Every industry and every client has different needs. We work with you with any sized budget, big or small!

  • Monthly Progress Reports

    Receive a monthly report showing where your results are coming from! See and understand your leads in a customized report!

Do you already have a website? Need a more custom solution to help maximize your marketing dollars?

Captivating Splash Pages to Showcase your Services and Generate High-Quality Business Leads!