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COVID-19 has come at a cost for many small businesses like yours. 

Meanwhile, Canadian consumers are sitting on billions of unspent savings estimated at over $150 Billion.

That’s why Reach Digital wants to help you be ready for recovery!

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The Ontario government is prepared to help with Grants (vs Loans) of up to $20,000 available immediately for small businesses, like yours.

Reach Digital will help you use some of the funds to create marketing plans and online systems to allow you to tap into the $150 Billion dollars of unspent consumer savings. 

“A recent report from BMO Economics found the household savings rate hit a massive 27.5 % in the second quarter, compared with an average rate last year of just 1.4 %. They estimate this savings surge equates to a $150-billion increase over normal standards – a whole 7 per cent of GDP.”
Globe and Mail, 2020

How Does the Ontario Small Business Support Grant Work?

Applications have opened for the Ontario Small Business Support Grant, offering up to $20,000 in relief for eligible small businesses.

Reach Digital is happy to help you with any questions that you may have around investing some of this grant money to grow your business and help you recover lost sales and profit.

Visit Ontario Covid Support and fill out an application.

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