Pandemic Response Strategies

Need help with your businesses adapting to the new reality of COVID? As you reinvent the parts of your business, we can help communicate these changes and additions to your customers while optimizing your online assets.

We’re helping clients give their customers the confidence to make a purchase with them.

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Strategies designed to help during a pandemic

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What Has Been Your Response to the 2020 Pandemic?

We’ve worked with new and existing clients to help them re-start or re-evaluate their pre & post pandemic marketing.

Beginning in March, 2020, we proactively supported many clients by closely working with them to optimize their media channel investments.  Our services were used to quickly update campaign messaging so their customers received important and current operational information.

By continuing to invest in revenue-driving tactics, you are helping both short and long term goals e.g. brand health, lead volume and continued algorithmic learnings.

3 tips to handling marketing during a challenging economic climate:

  1. Tailor your brand voice
  2. Refocus your efforts but don’t stop
  3. Remain diligent and recalibrate


What you can expect from Reach Digital to help you navigate the new normal:

  • Assist with setting up and launching your first digital storefront. You may find you have more time on your hands to focus on what matters to your business, and you can most certainly count on that being Digital as a priority. 
  • In-depth digital business audits such as media channel analysis, purchase journey analysis, analytic platform review, creative assessments, and more with results and recommendations on how to continue forward
  • Performance-focused strategies to maximize your ROAS
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) analysis to ensure your UX is tied closely to your revenue expectations
  • Frequent competitive Search monitoring and ad auction reports

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