About Reach Digital

How Reach Digital Can Grow Your Business

Reach Digital is a Canadian-born, 8-year-old marketing firm located in Hamilton, Ontario. Working primarily with small to medium-sized businesses, we provide a range of digital and traditional marketing services for clients on both a National and International level.

While we have worked with several clients over the years, we are proud to say we still retain our first client partnership to this day.

Our agency has changed over the years to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape. We’ve managed to adapt by providing increased emphasis on integrated strategic marketing and technology management solutions.

We recognize that to be successful today, clients need to manage an ever-increasing set of cogs. Limited access to systems, technology experts, or fully-staffed marketing teams can complicate things further. Reach Digital helps you navigate the ever-changing demands of customers and the technologies that change and disrupt our every day.

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Picking the Right Agency

We understand local. Reach Digital is located in Hamilton and our Team lives across the GTA. We help our agency and client partners convert their business data into critical micro insights. These insights allow you to create and execute targeted ROI-driven marketing activities that deliver measurable results.

We don’t just set it and forget it.

Our Team of specialists are agile. We don’t operate in silos. With access to real-time client reporting dashboards, we can pivot on a dime. We are a true partner.

Trained & Certified by Google

When you need help managing your online advertising, you should work with a company that has been trained and certified by Google. Reach Digital is a recognized Google Premier Partner.

We have demonstrated the skills and expertise by consistently meeting industry requirements while delivering agency and client revenue growth.

We’re able to obtain support and data insights that can give us the edge when developing our client’s campaigns.

Client Experience

We have client experience across a wide variety of business categories working on some of Canada’s leading B2B and B2C brands. Some of the verticals we have worked on include Grocery, Specialty Retail, Restaurants, Education, Home Services, and Real Estate professionals.

No budget is too big or too small!

You want more sales. We can make it happen.