Public Relations

Public Relations

Comprehensive Public Relations Services

Our Public Relations services are designed to help facilitate your Media Relations, provide hands-on Media Training, improve communications by planning your in-person & virtual Events, and more!

Reach Digital offers public and media relations services. We can execute campaigns to fit your budget and goals. We will help you navigate the current media landscape as experts in new and digital media.  We have over twenty years of experience working with traditional and evolving media. We will work cooperatively to build your campaign to be a reflection of your business. As expert storytellers, we will make sure that your brand and message will resonate with the target audience.

  • Media Relations
    • We will get your message seen. With connections in newsrooms nationwide we can make sure that your pitch will land. We are monitoring the evolving media landscape to vet and pitch independent and new media outlets. All of our campaigns are developed in cooperation with our clients with thorough risk assessment being at the core of how we communicate
  • Media Training
    • Now that you’ve got the attention of the media the team at Reach Digital will make sure that you are ready to answer any questions you might face. Working with our risk analysis, and the years of experience both on and off camera we have everything you need to make sure you appear seasoned and your message is loud and clear.
  • Social Media
    • Our expert team at Reach Digital are monitoring social media all the time to make sure we are aware of best practices and evolving trends. We will ensure that your brand is not being left behind in a world where the social media landscape is changing day to day. 
  • Launch Events | Event Planning
    • Is your business launching a new initiative? Are you looking to make a splash in your industry? The expert staff at Reach Digital can make sure that every element of your event will run smoothly from conception to execution. 
  • Virtual Events
    • We may be sick of the term “new normal” but it’s clear that online events are a permanent part of our day to day. We can take the concept of any event that historically may have taken place in person and seamlessly transfer it to the digital world. Whether you’re looking to host a webinar, press conference, product launch, or keynote event we will make sure your event takes place seamlessly. 
  • Crisis Communications
    • At Reach Digital we will work with you to analyze risk in your messaging, and your response to any crisis. We will anticipate the reaction, and make sure that your response is calculated. Our expert staff will make sure that you respond quickly and take control of your message.

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