<strong>Social media is changing: Why you need a video content strategy</strong>

Video content is more powerful compared to written content because users are more receptive to visuals. It grabs attention, becomes memorable, and drives traffic to the websites and social media platforms. 

Creating content itself is not an easy task. Through research, different strategies are designed and developed that target the right audience with the right content. 

Creating a video content strategy for social media marketing is essential to connect with your target audience via different social media platforms. YouTube remains the top site for video content, whereas videos on Facebook are watched more as compared to other social media sites. The same research and planning are required for creating social media video content strategy as it takes for creating a marketing strategy.

Set Your Goals

The fundamental part of creating a strategy is to create a set of goals with a clear perspective which results in the desired outcome. A set of metrics can be designed to measure the outcomes based on likes and shares. It’s not easy to come up with a concise and agreed-upon statement of a goal for a single video or numerous pieces of content across multiple platforms. It can be so intimidating that it is frequently avoided. In many cases, it is frequently an iterative process. It is important, to begin with a rough goal statement and a rough idea for metrics, and then to return and refine gradually.

Define Audience

Identifying the audience for your business is one of the essential things because they are the primary target for your business or brand. Learning about their personas and psychographics will help to understand their attitude, preferences, behaviour and characteristic traits. Creating strategies according to audience behaviour patterns will not only grab their attention but will also develop their interest in your brand and business. 


Nowadays many social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have a feature to upload short videos which is a successful way to grab the audience’s attention and keep them on their platform. Each platform has different recommended video lengths that will help you to stand out among the target audience: 

1. Instagram: 30 seconds

2. Twitter: 45 seconds

3. Facebook: 1 minute

4. YouTube: 2 minutes

Different platforms have different ideal timings depending on your business – this is the time when the target audience is more active on those platforms. For example, skincare products Mondays and Fridays have strong engagement throughout the day on Instagram. 

Measuring Success

After creating the strategy and content, and finally posting videos on the desired platform, now it’s time to monitor the success. Many platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, have their analytics which can create reports of how well the video went on their respective platforms.

Video content is one of the fastest and most important growing types of content on social media. Therefore, it is necessary to create a strong creative strategy that aligns with the goals and audience, which helps them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

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