Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Why is SEM Important to Business?

If you’re looking to see a boost in conversions (such as clicks to your website, appointment bookings, product sales, etc.) as quickly as possible, then SEM is one of the best channels to start seeing some results almost immediately. SEM allows you to create targeted ads and reach potential customers at the right place and right time – while they are actively showing interest in the product or service you provide. In fact, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors (meaning visitors who land on your website by clicking an ad are much more likely to purchase something than those who are just browsing and eventually arrive at your site).

Any small, medium, or large business can benefit from using SEM strategies. While the needle seems to always be moving about what makes an effective SEM strategy, the good news is that the right digital advertising agency can help you maximize profits and strengthen your online presence. Our team of highly qualified SEM experts has certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and more!


Brand Awareness


Brand Trust

  • More than 80% of people do not click on the second page of search results
  • 81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase


Brand Loyalty, Strength, and Revenue


Did you know that companies that combine organic SEO and PPC ads see 25% more clicks and 27% greater profits compared to using just one of the two?

Contact us today to learn more about how a properly executed SEM campaign can help boost your company’s growth!

Focused on ROAS and Goal Completion

Beta Testing and Agile Optimization

Detailed Reporting and Frequent Auditing

How Do You Effectively Run SEM Campaigns?

By doing it right! Bold statement, we know. Anyone can run a google campaign, post an Instagram sponsored story, or boost a Facebook post. Reach Digital goes beyond just posting. We implement a full digital strategy that will create and boost evergreen campaigns and leverage seasonal hotspots and offers.

As a Google Premier Partner, we build, deploy, and maintain cost-effective campaigns to reach prospective customers during those micro-moments when they’re looking to fill a need. With ongoing optimization, customer journey updates and fresh creativity, Reach Digital makes sure your business is not only displayed but noticed.

What’s the Difference Between a Visitor and a Customer?

Here is where most places will start talking about a funnel and don’t get us wrong funnels are great ways to plan how to market something. However, not all people travel the same path. Converting online visitors at a rate that is effective is more important than beating your competitors at top rankings (it’s more cost-effective as well). Building customer relationships is what we aim for so they leave positive reviews, tell their friends, and most importantly come back. At Reach, we meet with you regularly to ensure your goals are being met or offer solutions that focus on your business needs. We are your online partner to online marketing success.

PPC - We Capture, Connect, & Convert

We focus on helping your business grow and succeed, using metrics that matter to your business. Our goal is to drive highly transactional traffic to your landing pages and increase customer engagement. 

We can help you achieve a target ROI. As PPC marketing and advertising is one of the most measurable digital marketing channels, we use various ad networks, ad types, and platforms focusing on your target audience along each stage of the customer journey. SEM provides immediate traffic while improving ROI and audience targeting.



  • Advertise your products and services in Google Search
  • Choose highly targeted keywords to attract your target audience
  • Gain sales and leads with clear ROI and performance reporting



  • Advertise your business on a huge network of websites with Google Display ads
  • Set up targeting based on search history and interests
  • Build brand awareness and promote new campaigns



  • Target your audience on YouTube by advertising engaging content to make your content memorable and more interesting for viewers
  • Massive & unique reach – there are 2 billion users on YouTube
  • Contextual targeting is extremely effective on this platform



  • Promote your products on the Google Shopping network
  • Target potential customers already searching for your products with rich, visual product ads
  • Drive clicks to your product pages and increase sales with AdWords
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You want more sales. We can make it happen.