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What is Local SEO Marketing?

There are two types of SEO when it comes to helping your website stand out from the competition online. While there are numerous ranking factors that can contribute to online search visibility, the tactics differ when it comes to SEO vs Local SEO. These ranking factors essentially focus on the location of your business and utilize both on & offsite optimization strategies.

If you have an eCommerce website, you may not necessarily focus on where your sales are coming from – as long as you can ship to them! However, if your business has a physical address, it is imperative you are reaching the correct, local market. Brick & mortar businesses can leverage local marketing to drive in-store visits.

Reach Digital can help determine which tactics will bring higher levels of digital & foot traffic that translates to both offline and online sales. Contact us today to learn more about Local SEO strategy for your business!

Digital Business Audits

Improve Brand Visibility & Recognition

Directory Management & Community Engagement

Local Marketing Solutions

According to the latest statistics, 50% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone and 34% of consumers who do so on a desktop/tablet device visit a store within a day.

And with technical advancements like voice search on the rise, this market can only be expected to grow: more ways to ask questions will lead to more answers that ultimately point users directly to your store’s front door.

The question is: are you doing enough to help them find you?

Local SEO That Targets Active Leads Looking for You

Back in the middle ages between the decline of the phone book and the rise of digital, looking for local business information meant either picking up the yellow pages or sitting down at your desktop computer to perform a search and hope for the best.

A lot has changed since then, as technology has drastically shifted our search habits.

In the past decade, we’ve gone from clanking on clunky keyboards and reviewing long lists of results, to directly asking pocket-sized computers to help us find what we’re looking for and receiving an instant verbal response.

24/7 connectivity through smartphones has led to the rise of ‘micro-moments’, as more and more customers turn to their phones the second they know what they want to search for.

In order to succeed in the local market, businesses need to ensure that their strategy is compatible with the the modern digital era and the impact it has had on how we search.

Performance-Based Local SEO Campaigns

Directory Setup & Management

We create listings on high-value directories such as Google My Business and manage their content month over month.

Reputation Management

We monitor mentions of your brand & business and curate reviews from customers to maintain a positive online presence.

On-Site Optimization

SEO is one thing. Local SEO is another. We optimize your landing pages with geo-specific keywords, links and content.

Locally-Focused Off-Site & Technical Optimization

SEO is one thing. Local SEO is another. We optimize your landing pages with geo-specific keywords, links and content. We implement code that helps search engines gather essential information about your business to improve your local presence.

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