Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Your business’ social presence can sometimes be more important than your website in terms of creating community and connecting with your customers. Social media establishes a dialogue between you and your potential customers and current customers makes a world of difference when building brand trust and recognition. 

Reach Digital will leverage your Social Media channels to build your audiences, accelerate campaign reach, and measure online to offline engagements.

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Earn Brand Recognition

Strengthen Campaign and Creative Insights

Customer Relationship Building

Social Media Marketing to Engage With Your Audience

Getting Likes and Follows is fine, but where’s your ROI? The rise of Social Media is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s fantastic that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have allowed brands to connect with their customer base, sometimes in extremely engaging & creative ways.

On the other hand, the race for simple metrics such as Likes, Shares and Follows has become so intense that a lot of businesses with an active social presence miss the mark when it comes to valuable marketing measurement. To put it simply, vanity metrics such as likes don’t mean anything if you’re not getting sales.

Social Media: Another Piece of Your Marketing Funnel

At Reach Digital, we’ve got nothing against increasing likes, seeing more shares and finding more followers. After all, a core aspect of social media marketing is helping you connect & engage with your core customer base.


But the core difference with our agency: we don’t consider social media a success until it extends to qualified traffic, leads and sales.


We spend time dissecting and diagnosing your social data in order to understand every intricacy of your audience and go beyond building just likes and shares.


We leverage the power of Social Media marketing, content and opportunity for direct customer engagement to develop and track goals that actually contribute to your business objectives.

Social Media Marketing Service

Social Media Management & Community Engagement 

We create and manage your platforms & profiles, keep your audience engaged & informed, and work to drive traffic from the moment of social discovery. This includes a yearly marketing plan overview so we know your goals and can help you get there; a monthly content calendar outlook/strategy so you know exactly what is getting posted and a hashtag strategy on relevant platforms to increase visibility. 

Content Creation

We create beautifully branded graphics and content so your customers know it’s you on social media as they scroll through!

Reputation & Review Management

We monitor your core social channels for mentions of your brand, leveraging the positive and addressing the negative by responding strategically.

Social Marketing & Advertising

We manage & maintain ad campaigns and boosted posts that target your audience based on interests and demographics – and that are geared to move the needle on your core business objectives.

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The RD Social Media Process | Planning + Strategy = Growth

You want more sales. We can make it happen.