Digital Strategy

47% of Digital Marketers have NO strategy. Don’t be one of them.

You need a digital marketing strategy to have direction, know whether you’re winning and to end wasting your precious marketing dollars. They come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes scribbled on a napkin, sometimes a long 40-page document, and other times a succinct, data-informed shareable deck that is a measuring stick and north star for your digital marketing efforts. We create the latter.

Why are they needed?

Digital strategies are not right for everyone. If you’re all small business with little to no marketing budget and you’re focused on managing your online reviews and social media, then that might be totally okay for you.

If you’re planning on making a larger investment into digital marketing ($50,000+ a year) and you’ve tried different campaigns with limited success or you’re looking to level-up your digital marketing, consider a strategy.

A digital strategy will act as a guide and roadmap and to align stakeholders around a common set of KPIs, objectives, tactics and plan to execute.

A Digital Strategy Case Study

BEUMER Group is an international manufacturing leader in intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation and distribution technology. BEUMER Group employs about 4,000 people and achieves an annual turnover of about 750 million EUR. With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, BEUMER Group is present in many industries worldwide.

BEUMER Group chose Reach Digital to help understand their website data and develop a digital strategy to uncovered gaps, teach them more about the digital habits of their clients and provide them with a path forward.

What is the process?

The first step is to get to know you and set up a schedule to check-in throughout the project. This is not a “let us impress you with amazing presentations filled with razzle dazzle jargon” this is a partnership and a collaborative approach to creating your strategy.

We develop an understanding of your company, your industry and your competitors. We need to know the context of your business situation and because the context changes and shifts, let’s get current.

Next week look at your data, what is your data telling us about what’s working, not working and where should you focus.

Once we’ve understood your context and your data we gather insights, build your overarching strategy, 3-6-12 month objectives, and an action plan to achieve your goals.

BEUMER’s Goals

  • – Outline who BEUMER Group’s site visitors are, where they were coming from, and why they were visiting the site
  • – Identify the point in the customer journey where the website is most relevant to the customer
  • – Provide clear and concise insights into areas of improvement for the BEUMER Group online presence

Our Approach

  • – Reviewed first and third party data cross referenced findings for accuracy
  • – Benchmarked data against industry averages to determine gaps
  • – Analyzed the overall website performance through Google Analytics, these data insights helped BEUMER Group better understand their business and customer’s behaviour

Our Results

  • – Developed a data-driven strategy that was aligned with BEUMER Groups needs and business objectives
  • – Outlined measurable digital campaigns to establish benchmarks and project future results and ROI

“The final presentation from Reach Digital after a 9-week analysis of our digital presence opened our eyes and received very positive feedback from all our executives in North America.

– Sebastian Titze, Marketing Manager


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As an experienced digital marketer, Melissa delivers best-in-class service by cultivating strong partnerships with our clients, understanding goals and priorities, and ensuring thorough implementation of digital marketing campaigns.

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