Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Testing

Reach Digital Understands Data Analysis & Testing

Understanding how your customers interact with your website leads to valuable insights on positioning your brand, lead & sales strategy, and product/service offering. Our data solutions, in real time, help you improve ROI.

Every action your website receives – whether it’s an accidental visit from a misclicked search result, a curious peek from a referral, or a long browsing session from social traffic – tells one tiny part of a big, big story.

The data that makes up your most treasured metrics, from session duration to goal completions, does more than help you see how popular you are on the web (as nice as that is to know). Carefully observed and analyzed, these data points paint a picture of how well your existing traffic is helping you build your bottom line – and how to make it do more.

Focused on ROAS and Goal Completion

Beta Testing and Agile Optimization

Detailed Reporting and Frequent Auditing

Less Guesswork, More Growth

Your website is not a static, set-it-and-forget it asset.

A successful online presence means constant monitoring & measurement of traffic, engagement and how often your users are performing conversions. It also means staying relevant and valuable via content development that serves the needs of your audience.

In both cases, continuous improvement requires informed, data-based decisions, not fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants methodology.

Data Analysis & Testing Services

We spend more time than we care to admit analyzing every bit of essential data we can get our hands on: channel-specific traffic, engagement, goal completions, mobile-friendliness, drops & gains, gaps, site speed & usability, and any other factors that impact how your users behave and – most importantly – convert.

The numbers mean nothing if we don’t take the time to see what they’re saying. We break down the data and use it to inform the crucial next steps for continued growth.

Do users prefer blue or green action buttons? How much text is the right amount of text for each landing page? What’s the right number of form fields for the highest conversion rate? We identify the most conversion-friendly elements of each page, test them, and implement the winners to keep your site performing at its full potential.

You want more sales. We can make it happen.