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Whether you’re just getting your business started with online marketing or are taking stock of your tactics for the umpteenth time, it can be a tediously tricky world to navigate.


Choosing the right channels to focus on, the amount of budget to allocate, and the metrics that will matter to define success – all of these key factors get muddled up in a world where so many online avenues are available for marketers to make use of. Where does your business belong?


That’s why the first step in entering or reentering the digital landscape is to create a cohesive, focused strategy – a compass to help you keep your head above water from the word go.

What Exactly is a Digital Strategy? Why do I need one?


A digital strategy acts as a guide, a roadmap to align stakeholders around a common set of KPIs, objectives, tactics and plan to execute.

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Our Digital

Understanding Your Business & Customers

It is important to understand your business model, products & services, customer personas, and the customer buying journey to understand the role digital marketing plays in your business.

Monitoring Your Industry & Competitors

We evaluate what competitors dominate both the online and brick-and-mortar landscape of your industry to develop focused strategies for surpassing both local and digital competitors. We leverage industry trends and best practices to ensure your digital strategy highlights your competitive advantages.

Digital Performance Audit

Analyzing the performance of your owned, earned, and paid media helps to define what digital initiatives are working for your business and why. Understanding the effectiveness of your website and key online channels is imperative to building informed recommendations for your digital strategy.

Defining Strategic Direction

Comprehensive business analysis and planning enables Reach Digital to create tailored strategies to help clients:

  • Improve the effectiveness of their website,
  • Define digital marketing objectives,
  • Find new revenue/lead generation opportunities,
  • Clarify priorities around channel investments (i.e. SEO, paid media, social),
  • Maximize ROI capabilities of online marketing tactics, and
  • Determine action plan to achieve digital marketing success

If it’s time for your business to develop a better digital strategy, and prioritize conversions, call us.