Barbecues Galore Store Front

Client Success Story: Improving Traffic, Conversions, ROAS and AOV

The Challenge

Barbecues Galore, this week’s success story, is an online & brick-and-mortar specialty retailer of outdoor cooking products, patio furniture, fireplaces, and assorted accessories, was looking to further push their online presence and drive higher levels of foot traffic to store locations across Canada, as well as more online traffic & e-Commerce sales to the site.

The consistent challenge in this project stemmed from the fact that Barbecues Galore is in an extremely competitive industry, up against several retailers with long-standing household names, which would make building a larger online presence a long road.

Multi-Pronged Approach: Optimizing Paid & Organic Search and Conversion-Friendliness for e-Commerce


Although Barbecues Galore had a longstanding active presence in the pay-per-click sphere, an account audit was required to ensure the structure, messaging and budget were fully optimized for the highest levels of traffic and returns.

Throughout the audit, Reach worked on a campaign-by-campaign basis to fully optimize targeting, messaging, creative, and budget allocation throughout such a largely diversified account.


The first phase of maximizing organic search traffic was starting from scratch with in-depth, strategic keyword research, which was conducted across all product and service categories.

Search terms were selected based on potential traffic volume, competitive rankings, user intent, and a focus on mobile-first search and navigation.

Following this, the findings were utilized as a form of direction for the forthcoming SEO refresh. All page titles, descriptions, and recommendations for refreshed copy were written based on the keyword data collected during this phase.


The third aspect of the Barbecues Galore project overlapped with both the SEM and SEO initiatives.

While Reach’s efforts in the PPC and SEO audit were largely concerned with driving both website traffic and engagement, looking at conversion rate optimization meant looking at the elements that would have an impact on users deciding to visit their local store or make an online purchase.

To this end, after another thorough website audit focused on goal completions, Reach executed the following key elements in CRO:

  • Addition of new goals in Analytics, with a focus on micro-conversions and the customer journey as a whole, such as a contact form submissions, page product clicks, newsletter signups and adding products to cart
  • A/B testing, specifically lifestyle images (people using products) vs. non-lifestyle images (products on their own) to determine the best imagery to use for conversion optimization
  • Cleaning up the layout on contact pages and adding more visible above-the-fold content
  • Heat mapping user activity on the home page to determine popular click areas

The Results: Higher Levels of Traffic, Conversion Rates & Organic Revenue With a Huge Spike in ROAS & Average Order Value

  • 224% Increase in average order value (PPC)
  • 115%+ Increase in organic mobile transactions
  • 108% Increase in organic mobile revenue
  • 67% Increase in organic transactions
  • 56% Increase in overall organic revenue
  • 46% Increase in organic mobile e-commerce conversation rate
  • 41% Increase in organic e-commerce conversion rate

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