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We're excited to bring you even more of our amazing services to help our clients innovative & grow their businesses! We are thrilled to provide Video Marketing Services to create, edit, and launch short & long-form content to help elevate your band. Contact us today for new information and rates.


Youtube channel management

Whether you choose Reach Digital for your Video Marketing Production services or have your own internal development, we can help with managing your YouTube Channel. Our services include analyzing your traffic and optimization of both your videos and channel as a whole to improve visibility on and offsite. Our in-house Video team can recommend new content or produce videos for you while reporting on the performance of new and existing video content.


Our hamilton studios

Reach Digital is proud to offer access to both of our amazing studios available in the Hamilton area! We are able to accommodate small and large operations working with any budget in mind. Through customized solutions, we can produce new content and integrate with any of our Digital Marketing services. Contact us today to learn more!

Turnkey video campaign solutions

Activate unique targeting criteria

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Video Marketing

Traditional ad campaigns are often tied to impression-based advertising to masses of uninterested, irrelevant audiences.

With the introduction of online advertising via pay per click platforms like Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo! Search, and Facebook, the game has changed completely.

Gone are the days of marketing to irrelevant masses. NOW are the days of marketing to highly targeted audiences to maximize brand reach and ROI.



Custom, Cost-Effective Video Marketing Made For Your Audience

Pay per click, or PPC, is any form of online advertising where you pay only for the clicks you receive on your ads.

Formats of pay per click ads differ, but the most common include:

Text-based ads in search results
(i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search)
Creative display ads on websites
Facebook and social ads
LinkedIn advertising
YouTube video ads

The Benefits of Video Marketing

The core benefits and capabilities of online advertising are common across advertising platforms:

Hyper-targeting show your ads to the right audiences at the right time by layering targeting capabilities to market your ideal customers
Cost control manage and adjust your budget by month, by day, by time, by ad, and only pay for ad clicks to your website
Active campaign management launch campaigns on your schedule while testing and making changes throughout to achieve best results
Performance management through specific campaign tracking, measuring & reporting to understand the precise impact of your marketing efforts
Re-marketing abilities to target audiences who have already shown interest and engagement in your brand or campaign

Your Partner In Pay Per Click

Reach Digital: A Premier Partner

As a Premier Google Partner, we work closely with our clients to develop customized digital advertising strategies that are optimized to meet everyday business needs: we build, deploy, monitor & maintain cost-effective campaigns that put prospective customers in your path at the exact moment in time they’re looking for you.

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