Running a Google AdWords Campaign? Let Us Help You Get Organized

The Benefits of a Strong Account Structure

The introduction and subsequent innovation of Google’s AdWords platform, along with other pay-per-click advertising programs like Facebook Ads and Bing Ads, has been a game-changer for marketers and businesses alike. Let us give you a run-down on running a Google AdWords Campaign.

Despite the potential for hyper-focused targeting and high returns at low cost, AdWords is still a system that requires a certain degree of configuration to make the most of your campaign and budget, and a big part of that includes proper AdWords account structure.

AdWords is set up and broken down in the following manner:

  • Account: The top-level. Your ad accounts would usually be the name of the business or, for bigger companies, divisions for which you’re advertising. This is where you control things like billing.
  • Campaign: Campaigns are often broken down based on product categories, audiences, or goals. Using clothing as an example, we’d have campaigns like Sweaters, T-shirts, Pants, Shorts, Socks, and Shoes. This is where you control things like budget and targeting.
  • Ad Group: Within each campaign are usually multiple ad groups, further broken down to be even more specific. Using our Sweaters campaign as an example, we’d have ad groups like Hoodies, Pullovers, and Zip-Ups. This is where you control things like keywords and…
  • Ads: These reflect the content of the ad group in which they live, and – if they do their job right! – entice users to click through to your site and buy your stuff.

So What Does AdWords Account Structure Have To Do With Site Structure?

Everything! Let’s look at the way AdWords is set up again:

Account -> Campaigns -> Ad Groups -> Ads

And now let’s look at the way a well-organized website that’s ripe for online advertising is set up again:

Main Menu -> Product Categories -> Individual Products -> Individual Product Landing Pages

And now, finally, let’s look at why AdWords account structure and website structure would make such good friends:

AdWords Website
Account Website / Website Menu
Campaigns Product Categories (i.e., T-shirts)
Ad Groups Individual Product Types (i.e, Crew Necks)
Ads Product Landing Pages (i.e., Crew Necks in Different Colours/Sizes/Designs)

For large accounts, organization turns to dollars. Even if scaled back to a small budget campaign, set up can be a bit of a headache.

Without a proper AdWords account structure, you run the risk of digital marketing disasters like sending your leads to the wrong parts of your website where you lose prospective customers.

A proper structure helps you break down, organize, and individually craft your targeting, messaging, and other essential marketing factors that might be different from product to product.

Want some more insights on how to develop a quality AdWords account that’s built to convert? Did you know Reach Digital will conduct structural and AdWords assessments? If you catch us on a good day, we’ll do it for free! If you need help running a Google AdWords Campaign, just give us a shout about our PPC services!

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