3 SEO Best Practices for Beginners to Follow

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most vital tools used in digital marketing. This tool is a combination of multiple elements and procedures to make your website more visible and increase footfalls to your website and lead to great conversion. Increasing your search engine visibility puts your website in the memory of the users, even if they are not using your product or services at the moment. Marketers and bloggers create content with best SEO practices to maintain their search engine visibility. Knowing which term or phrase you want to focus on ahead of time is very critical, a term can be selected to be broad enough but narrow enough as well making you rank for it. For example, the term “SEO” is far too broad but “How to follow best SEO practices” on the other hand is a suitable term to be ranked. 

Here are the 3 SEO best practices a beginner should follow:


Creating relevant content for the right audience is a vital part of SEO because it is a medium to reach the maximum audience and increase engagement. It is very important to have educational content along with publishing in a more interesting and shareable form. There are various ways to create content i.e.:

• Blog post 

• Videos

• Images

• Social Media post 

• Podcasts 

• Infographics

For instance, if you own a fashion store and want to increase your visibility, publishing blogs about fashion trends and tips will increase engagement and a relationship with users. If next time the user wants to purchase any clothing, you would be the first store that will come to mind. 


The hardest part of SEO is choosing relevant keywords, a combination of words and phrases users use to search online that can connect them with the product or service they are searching for. Thorough research should be done and then carefully chosen the right keywords that must align with your product and service. 

After selecting the right keywords, apply these keywords to optimize your page titles, headlines, URLs and other on-page SEO elements. The other places to include your keywords are articles, social media posts and websites, refrain from excessive use of keywords is also important to keep in the notice, linking the topics to any relevant resources available on your site or others about the topic by using link building also helps to improve your rank in search engine results. 


The process of using external links to your page is called link building, this helps users to navigate different pages on the relevant topic, just by clicking on the link; you provided on your page. Link building plays an important role in driving traffic results in competitive industries via search engine results. The combination of great on-page SEO and good user on-site experience along with excellent content is the secret ingredient to driving more organic traffic. Low-quality information and spammy links are all over the internet these days, providing valuable, relevant and authentic information and external links can help to achieve a long-term strategy for organic search. The important technical component of link-building must revolve around your product or service is a great marketing strategy to have the best SEO practice. 

Where to Start?

To improve your SEO, start by creating great content and writing relevant titles that don’t sound robotic. Contact Us Today! We will be more than happy to discuss how to improve SEO that contributes to your business growth.

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