Is The Traditional Media Ad-Buy Dead?

Think about the last time you watched a commercial. I’m not talking about the cute commercials that people seek out during the super bowl. Now let’s take a moment and think about the ways we have found to eliminate advertising from our lives. Before many people returned their cable boxes we had PVRs to skip commercials. Even today when is the last time you listened to the radio in the car … and when you did, can you remember a commercial that wasn’t memorable for being annoying? 

Is your audience listening to you? 

When you’re doing an ad buy for traditional media sales people will boast about the number of people listening to their station, or the total audience in any given week. But let’s take a moment and think about this for a second. If you have 100 000 people listening to your radio transmission, how many of them are doing something else? Is anyone actively listening to your advertising, or are they using it as a cue to tune out? Is buying radio advertising a bit like throwing a dart at the board blind folded? 

Can you compete with McDonalds and Coca-Cola? 

If you’re a large business that reaches from coast to coast, or a chain that has many franchises in any given location buying ad space in every place possible might make sense to you. You are competing against people with deep pockets. Now, imagine you are a small or medium sized business and you’re looking to buy ad time on traditional radio or television. How does your ad stand out? Are you convinced you can create an ad that resonates with needing the star power of Patrick Stewart or Simone Biles? How far does your dollar go? 

The Power of Digital Advertising

This is where the power of Reach Digital comes in. In a world online where everyone is sharing pictures of their latest camping trip, or their recent take out experience. When people engage with these platforms they are letting them know what they are interested in. Remember how I asked about the last time you watched a commercial? Social media gives you an opportunity to connect one on one with potential customers who actually want to connect with you. When people engage in social media they allow the platform to know what they are interested in, and what they might be shopping for. 

The Power of Connecting With Your Potential Customers

Creating an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter account for your business is not just a way where you can post photos of your latest promotions. It gives you the power to do something that traditional advertising cannot. It gives you a platform to show the personality of your business. Sharing your personality in an honest, and authentic way will help people form a connection with you and your business. Even before they set foot in your store or visit your website. At Reach Digital we can help you tell your compelling story. We have worked with businesses from a variety of sectors and there is always a way to tell your story in a compelling way. 

Not Convinced Yet? 

If engaging with your audience isn’t enough to make you excited about digital marketing – maybe I can convince you with your wallet. Buying ad space on large television or radio networks can cost thousands of dollars a week to make sure your ads are heard during times when their audience is at their largest. With digital media your dollar can stretch a lot farther. We also make sure that it is seen by people who are interested in what you have to say. 

Any more Questions?

I started this post by asking a lot of questions – now it is your turn. If you have any questions please give us a call so you can learn about the power of digital advertising and your business. At Reach Digital, it would be our pleasure to do an audit of your business’ website, and social media presence complimentary. 

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